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Industrial 3D Camera

The motion of people, walking in and out of a room in particular, can be detected through Cygbot's 3D camera.

Small 3D depth sensor compared to conventional products.

Use Case

People Counting / Tracking

LiDAR is great for tracking people in crowded environments while gathering no information about their identity . From corporate buildings to concert halls, LiDAR can effectively keep the overview and count the number of people passing through an entrance, thus enabling effective access control and crowd management.

제목 없음.png

Safty Sensor

CygLiDAR can be used for Safty Sensor(Subway, Industry).

A sensor that detects up to a wide range prevent accidents.

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Delivery Robot

Use high resolution 3D maps to located for safe driving on the road. Recognizing the surrounding environment, keep distance from other pedestrians and arrive safely at destination. 

delivery robot.png


It can be used in factories to detect obstacles and avoid obstacles. The LiDAR detects the distance of the nearest obstacle and notifies the system of braking or deceleration. Reliable solution for AGV.

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