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Cygbot's LiDAR enables safe automated driving in support of the real-time 2D and 3D map data.


LiDAR for Autonomous Driving

Auto use case

Near-Field LiDAR

CygLiDAR can detect  dangerous corner cases and objects (such as pets, children, etc.)

It can further comprehensively achieve less blind spots in the sensing zone

to ensure the safety of autonomous driving.

shadow areas of autonomous vehicles
shadow areas of autonomous vehicles

W/O Near-Field LiDAR

W/ Near-Field LiDAR

Use Case

auto parking

Autonomous Driving

Parking System

As the level of autonomous car increases, parking has becoming an increasingly difficult matter. In this case, automated valet parking is an indispensable part.

People, objects, and other vehicles can be recognized through close-range LiDAR.

Automated Valet Parking
Demo with CygLiDAR

ROS Rviz 3D 
Point Cloud and Intensity

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